Thursday, 12 January 2012

Java: Texas Hold Em - Debugging (3)

Okay, so, super super busy of late, going to have to significantly cut down my post-output to like, 2 a week on Tue/Thu. Just a heads up. So this'll be the last post this week.

Here, I'll give you a link to the files needed, and you can run the file for yourself!

The file is within src/texasholdem,  run and play around with it! I know it looks crap, being text-only, but that's the job of the programmer. Be bored to shit with your creation. Here's a few screens from my round. These won't be as applicable to you guys as if you had played the round yourself, so yeah. Let me know if you find any issues I missed!

I don't want to show every step of the way, 'cause that gets real boring real fast, so I've just shown a few key points. The start of the hand and the pot after the big and small blinds, after which is basically just a buttload of checking, raising etc etc. It seems to work well, but it's just not very entertaining.

Over here, we have the end of the hand, with everyone still in the game, the pot at this point is 560, 'cause I raised a lot for no reason and bam! I won. Go me! And yes, I picked this round because it was the only one I did win.

The scoring system looks okay, and Buttface's score is higher than Facebutt's, since the Queen pair beats all kinds of hell out of the Five pair...

Looks good to me. You guys?


  1. Ok, I thought I fixed that problem but Blogger still claims your profile doesn't exist. o_o

    1. Huh, that's weird. Try again, I played with a few profile settings, and hopefully it'll work now!

  2. Thanks for the source code, downloading it now to have a look.

  3. It looks decent, but, I'm no pro