Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Java: Screw the Network Application

O hi, there! Last night I realized that holy shit, this teaches me NOTHING, so I'm moving our day of bullshit up one! Like, seriously, it was useless, and I didn't read more than 1 day ahead, so I only realized this yesterday. Bah, waste of time. I suppose it was a little more practice with Threads and stuff, but eh. So instead, today I'm looking at Texas Hold Em and what classes would be required to get it.

So while I'm doing that, I'm peppering my time with random bouts of LoL and Minecraft (Which I only just got), and I'm more or less addicted to creative mode. Not even got the hang of the circuitry bullshit, I just build mazes galore. Good stuff.
I did try survival mode, but after trying to be a nomad from the spawn area (too many people around) like....8 times, and getting killed each time, I thought fuckit, and made a hovel in the ground. Then went back to creative :D

Anyway, see ya tomorrow for the first of Texas Hold Em (Y) I do think that the graphics will be the more annoying part of it, though.


  1. See you tomorrow!

  2. Damn, that's too bad. :( But at least you caught it now instead of later.

  3. That was pretty much as late as I could catch it :P

  4. Good luck can't wait to see the texas hold em.